Our Staff


A. Glenn Ramey, Senior Paralegal – agr@hammondlawgroup.com

Eroica D. Goins, Senior Paralegal – edm@hammondlawgroup.com

Kimi E. Rolfsen, Senior Paralegal – ken@hammondlawgroup.com

Rebecca Himmelsbach, Senior Paralegal – rh@hammondlawgroup.com

Wendy Munick (1966-2010)

Katherine Stadnik, Senior Paralegal – kec@hammondlawgroup.com

Debbie Brock, Senior Paralegal – dab@hammondlawgroup.com

Lorraine Bays, Paralegal – lgb@hammondlawgroup.com

Colleen Sullivan, Paralegal – cas@hammondlawgroup.com

Hillary Mitchell, Paralegal – hillary.mitchell@hammondlawgroup.com

Kayla Morgan, Paralegal – kayla.morgan@hammondlawgroup.com

Kelsey Hammond, Paralegal – kelsey.hammond@hammondlawgroup.com

Philip Terry, Paralegal – philip.terry@hammondlawgroup.com

Patrick Donohoe, Paralegal – patrick@hammondlawgroup.com

Tyler Baldwin, Paralegal – tyler.baldwin@hammondlawgroup.com

Emily Thieman, Paralegal – emily.thieman@hammondlawgroup.com

Anne Kirby, Paralegal – anne.kirby@hammondlawgroup.com



Rita Kettler, Executive Administrative Assistant – rita@hammondlawgroup.com

Gina L. Swobland, Legal Assistant – gs@hammondlawgroup.com

Carrie Reuteman, Receptionist – carrie.reuteman@hammondlawgroup.com

Krystle Bryant, COO – krystle.bryant@hammondlawgroup.com

Alyson Gabriel, Legal Assistant – alyson.gabriel@hammondlawgroup.com

Kathryn Bauder, Legal Assistant – kathryn.bauder@hammondlawgroup.com

Chastity Mahan, Legal Assistant – chastity.mahan@hammondlawgroup.com

Natalie Dimas, Legal Assistant – natalie.dimas@hammondlawgroup.com

"The more I traveled, the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends."-Shirley MacLaine

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