There have been a lot of updates over the past few weeks discussing the prospects of CIR being considered by the House prior to the end of this year however, the conventional wisdom is now unequivocally pointing to a death and burial of any chance at CIR passing in 2013. Politico ran a story yesterday quoting Republican leadership regarding the agenda to be taken up in the few days left  and immigration reform was noticeably absent. Although there continues to be political posturing by individual politicians from both parties advocating for CIR this year, it does not appear possible.  2014 ? Not likely given that it is an election year and virtually no one believes CIR will be taken up as it creates potential political issues for both parties.  A piecemeal approach remains theoretically in play, as it may allow both parties to claim some form of victory but, the obstacles remain significant .  Obviously, a last minute miracle is always possible as politics, if nothing else, can be unpredictable but, this failure to pass CIR in 2013 likely means that a rationale immigration policy remains elusive.  Here are links to two of our friends and colleagues giving their opinions on CIR’s prospects in 2013. Enjoy but, come back to our blog when you finish reading !  Greg Siskind and Chris Musillo on CIR.