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April Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the April Visa Bulletin. There were no changes to the dates of filing chart but, since there is no expectation that the USCIS will utilize this chart, it has effectively become moot. The final action date chart showed nice gains for All Other EB3, China EB3 and Philippines EB3 but, India EB2 and EB3 were virtually unmoved. Retrogression relief remains badly needed but, positive legislation seems but, a dream under this Administration.

January Visa Bulletin-nothing new

The Department of State (DOS) has released the January Visa Bulletin and it contains no surprises. The Dates for Filing chart remains unchanged and the Final Action date chart revealed slow forward movement in almost all categories.

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Visa Back-log to be resolved soon

The Department of State has announced that they have the technical issues that have marred visa processing for the past 3 weeks fixed and that the back-log should be cleared by the middle of next week.

DOS releases the March Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the March Visa Bulletin and the rapid forward movement has slowed. The DOS also made predictions for future months.  These predictions include: further EB3 worldwide (all other countries) may not move forward and in fact, if demand materializes, actually see a retrogression; EB2 India will see no forward movement; EB3 Philippines should expect 3-6 weeks each month. Retrogression remains a serious impediment to legal immigration to the U.S. and needs a legislative solution.

September Visa Bulletin :)

The Department of State today released the September Visa Bulletin and it made a lot of people happy. For example, EB3 for all other countries and for China jumped 18 months, while India EB3 moved 9 months. Movement of this type has not been seen in EB3 since Lincoln was in the White House. The DOS indicated that this rapid forward movement was due to a lack of the expected demand however, they did predict that further forward movement over the next few months was unlikely.

August Visa Bulletin Brings Good News (for some) !

The Department of State has released the August Visa Bulletin and as announced last month the priority dates for India EB2 have jumped forward to  Jan 1, 2008. Unfortunately, with the exception of slight movement for the EB3 Philippines category, no other category moved forward. Forward movement in theses categories is not expected until the FY 2014 starts on Oct 1, 2013. The DOS also warned that utilization of EB2 India numbers by the USCIS as they approve long-pending I-485 cases will require a return to retrogressed dates for India EB2 at any time and without advance warning. If you are India EB2 and your priority date will be current in August, we recommend that you be ready to file on the 1st day.

DOS Releases Immigrant Visa Data

Earlier this week, the DOS released its report which shows the Annual Numerical Limits for FY 2013 that it will utilize in the allocation of immigrant visas.

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March Visa Bulletin Released

Recently, the DOS released the March Visa Bulletin and the forward movement was similar to recent months with world-wide EB3 moving ahead 6 weeks, India EB2 seeing no movement, and the Philippines EB3 category moving ahead only 1 week. The DOS also provided its predictions for future movement and reaffirmed that India EB2 would see no forward movement during the balance of this fiscal year and, may even retrogress further. They also predicted that the EB3 Philippines category would continue to see limited movement of only up to a week each month.   The DOS also released the data that it uses to set the monthly priority dates.

DOS now has on-line status check

Recently, the DOS introduced a new on-line portal where you can check the status of both immigrant and non-immigrant petitions pending at U.S. Consulates worldwide.

February Visa Bulletin Released

The DOS has released the February Visa bulletin and there are no surpises. The world-wide EB3 category continues to move at a pace of 6 weeks per month and both EB2 and EB3 categories for PRC nationals show movement in excess of 1 month but, there was only a 1 week forward movement for EB3 India and EB3 Philippines and no movement for EB2 India.

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