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EB2 India

October Visa Bulletin

Late last week, the Department of State (DOS) released the October Visa bulletin. This visa bulletin was particularly anticipated since it was the first bulletin of the new fiscal year. Unfortunately, it did not deliver much in the way of positive news. On the positive side, it did wipe out much of the “short-term” retrogression that raised its head in the EB1 and EB2 categories in Aug and Sept. but, the “Dates for Filing Chart” which is viewed as a predictor of movement for the upcoming fiscal year, fell short of expectations. A comparison of the Dates for Filing chart from Oct 2015, show further retrogression in the EB2 categories for China and India and no movement forward for India EB3. EB3 for the Philippines and all other countries are the only 2 categories with notable advancement. A legislative fix remains sorely needed but, with the ‘build a fence” radicals in charge of both the Senate and the House, no relief is in sight.

January Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the January Visa Bulletin and there were several positive developments. The EB3 all other countries category saw the filing date move forward three (3) months. This was the first movement this fiscal year and reflected less than anticipated demand. India EB2 and Philippines EB3 saw forward movement of the priority dates of eight (8) and three (3) months respectively.

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March Visa Bulletin released

The Department of State has released the March Visa Bulletin and several categories including EB2 India and most EB3 categories saw significant forward movement.

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October Visa Bulletin released

The Department of State has released the October Visa Bulletin and all EB3 categories saw forward movement with the EB3 Philippines and the All Other categories surging forward 6 months.  Unfortunately, EB2 India saw no forward movement and the DOS predicted that retrogression in this category could come as early as Nov. As a practical matter, this means that if you are in the EB2 category and your priority date is current, get your I-485 filed by the end of October and if you are already filed, respond to any RFE’s as quickly as possible as the window is closing quickly.

DOS releases the March Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the March Visa Bulletin and the rapid forward movement has slowed. The DOS also made predictions for future months.  These predictions include: further EB3 worldwide (all other countries) may not move forward and in fact, if demand materializes, actually see a retrogression; EB2 India will see no forward movement; EB3 Philippines should expect 3-6 weeks each month. Retrogression remains a serious impediment to legal immigration to the U.S. and needs a legislative solution.

August Visa Bulletin Brings Good News (for some) !

The Department of State has released the August Visa Bulletin and as announced last month the priority dates for India EB2 have jumped forward to  Jan 1, 2008. Unfortunately, with the exception of slight movement for the EB3 Philippines category, no other category moved forward. Forward movement in theses categories is not expected until the FY 2014 starts on Oct 1, 2013. The DOS also warned that utilization of EB2 India numbers by the USCIS as they approve long-pending I-485 cases will require a return to retrogressed dates for India EB2 at any time and without advance warning. If you are India EB2 and your priority date will be current in August, we recommend that you be ready to file on the 1st day.

February Visa Bulletin Released

The DOS has released the February Visa bulletin and there are no surpises. The world-wide EB3 category continues to move at a pace of 6 weeks per month and both EB2 and EB3 categories for PRC nationals show movement in excess of 1 month but, there was only a 1 week forward movement for EB3 India and EB3 Philippines and no movement for EB2 India.

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Let the Screaming Begin ! October Visa Bulletin Released !

The DOS has released the October Visa Bulletin and the news is discouraging. The India EB2 category was set at Sept. 1, 2004 although predictions had been made that it would be in 2006 or 2007. The EB3 category for the Philippines did not move at all. Instead of returning to current like expected , the EB2 category for the Philippines and all others was set at Jan 1, 2012.  We are hopeful that this type of “movement” is not indicative of what can be expected in fiscal year 2013.

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EB2 India and China Jump again !

The DOS released the Feb Visa Bulletin and the priority dates for EB2 India and China moved forward by a full year to Jan 2010. The rapid movement over the past several months is due to reports from the USCIS of fewer than expected 485 filings. Future retrogression remains likely if the number of I-485 filings increases.  All EB3 categories saw snail like movement forward and the predictions are for more of the same.

October visa bulletin released ! EB2 India and China to Retrogress !

The DOS has released the October Visa Bulletin and it shows a 3 month jump for EB2 India and China but, the movement for EB3 was less than a month and the pace remains discouraging for employers and beneficiaries alike. Included in the Visa bulletin was the DOS’s look into its crystal ball and for the EB3 category, they are predicting movement of approximately 1 month each month for the  foreseeable future.  More troubling was the prediction that EB2 for India and China would either stagnate or even retrogress in the future.  A political solution is needed to address this ever-worsening problem of retrogression.