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India EB2

February Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has recently released the February Visa Bulletin and it contains no surprises. The Dates for Filing chart remained unchanged. The Final Action Date chart showed slow movement forward in all but, India EB2 which stayed at the January date.

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June Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the June Visa Bulletin. As expected, the “dates for filing” chart remained unchanged. Unfortunately, due to high demand from I-485 filings, the “final action date” chart saw major retrogression in the India EB2 and PRC EB2 and EB3 categories. In commentary, the DOS stated that India EB2 is expected to advance forward only a few weeks each month through the end of the fiscal year (Sept 2016). The news is worse for both EB2 and EB3 PRC which are not expected to move forward at all until the new fiscal year (Oct 2016). Retrogression remains a major problem for legal immigrants but, is likely to receive no legislative attention in the foreseeable future.

WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! October Visa Bulletin

The Department of State released the October Visa bulletin today and it contained great news for individuals affected by retrogression. The new bulletin contains a 2nd chart identified as ” Dates for filing of employment based applications.” This second chart allows for the filing of an I-485 prior to one’s priority date becoming current. This will allow a person to obtain an EAD and AP sooner than expected. For example, if you are from India in EB3 and you have a priority date prior to July 1st 2005, you can file your 485 in Oct. If you are from the Philippines and you have a priority date prior to Jan 1, 2015, you can also file. Contact your attorney at HLG if you think you may qualify under this new bulletin.

The USCIS issued a press release providing more information about this change.

Unfortunately, the priority dates did not progress as rapidly as expected as the Philippines EB3 only moved to Jan 2007 and India EB2 actually retrogressed to May 2005. The all other countries category (ROW) remained virtually current.

February Visa Bulletin

The February Visa Bulletin has been released by the Department of State and EB3 worldwide and Philippines saw rapid advancement again. India EB2 also moved for the first time in several months. The bulletin contained predictions about continued forward movement in EB3 categories but, indicated that “corrective” action aka retrogression may be coming.

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November Visa Bulletin Brings good news and bad !

The Department of State has released the November Visa Bulletin and it contains a mix of bad news and good news depending upon your country of origin. If you are an EB2 Indian national, the news in not unexpected as it was predicted but, the retrogression of over 4 years to Feb of 2005 is nonetheless devastating. For EB3 Philippines and the rest of the world, a forward jump of almost 8 mos. is very welcome. The prognostications for upcoming months is similar in that no movement is expected for India EB2 however EB3 for the Phillippines and all other countries are expected to continue their rapid movement forward however, both may retrogress later in the fiscal year i.e. next summer. We will keep you updated as developments occur. A legislative fix for retrogression remains much needed.

August Visa Bulletin Brings Good News !

The August Visa Bulletin has been released and India EB2 and Philippine EB3 categories continued to see significant advancement while EB3 all other countries remained at April 2011. This bulletin is obviously welcome news for India EB2 but, it does come with a  dire warning of future retrogression in this category possibly as early as September so the word of the day is to get your 485 cases filed quickly and your 485 RFE’s responded to as quickly as possible.

Happy July Visa Bulletin (for some) !

The Department of State has released the July Visa Bulletin and if you are India EB2 or Philippines EB3, you should be ecstatic as the your priority dates jumped forward almost 4 years and 1 year, respectively. Unfortunately, no other category saw significant  movement and the EB3 all other country category saw no movement.

November Visa Bulletin Disappoints

The Department of State has released the November Visa Bulletin and the results are disappointing. India EB2 and EB3 and Philippines EB3 showed no movement. Worldwide EB3 which had moved rapidly over the summer slowed to a mere 3 months forward movement. The need for retrogression relief remains critical.

October Visa Bulletin Released

The DOS has released the October Visa Bulletin and almost all categories remained stagnant. Interestingly, there were no “predictions” for the upcoming months. Many people are predicting that we could see retrogression from existing dates as soon as next month for India EB2 while other categories may continue to creep along.

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Good news for India EB2

The Department of State released the July Visa Bulletin and it contains good news for India EB2 but, it is a bit hidden.  At first glance, the July Bulletin is more of the same; a four (4) month movement for the EB3 all other country category, snail like movement of mere weeks for India EB3 and Philippines EB3 and no forward movement for India EB2. But, on page 6, the DOS looks into their crystal ball and makes predictions for the upcoming months and predicts forward movement that will generate “heavy new applicant demand” in August and September.  We look forward to it.