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TechServe Alliance

TechServe Lobby Day

Our Senior partner, Mike Hammond spent 2 days in Wash DC this week with TechServe Alliance providing Congressional briefings and meeting with Congressional staff members to advocate for fair treatment of staffing and solution firms in any business immigration legislation that may be considered and updating them as to the current crisis being created by the Administration’s current policies and directives. Unfortunately, there was very little optimism for any legislative solutions.

TechServe Webinar

Senior partner, Mike Hammond will be a speaker at the TechServe Alliance webinar discussing H-1b visas. The webinar will focus on issues facing IT and Engineering staffing/solutions firms.

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Cadence Moore Speaks at TechServe Annual

Cadence Moore, one of HLG’s senior attorneys was a speaker at the TechServe Alliance annual conference. She was part of a legal panel discussing current legal trends, potential legislation, and how the political climate is impacting IT and engineering staffing firms.

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TechServe Alliance Defends the H-1b visa

In the face of recent attacks, which have portrayed the H-1b visa as a blight on the highly skilled but, unable to find employment U.S. worker; Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance pens a well thought out article which describes the need for access to talented workers, defends the proper use of the H-1b visa, and, implores those legitimate users of the H-1b visa to not let your voice go unheard. There is no question that there is some abuse of the H-1b visa program but, Congressional studies commissioned by none other than the H-1b hater in chief, Senator Grassley have proven that said abuse is negligible. The IT and engineering industry will be proponents of well thought out H-1b reforms that provide for protection for the US worker and wages, while at the same time providing timely access to talent that is consistent with the fast paced demands of U.S. employers competing in a global marketplace. For Congressional reforms to be meaningful, they will need to cut through the rhetoric of fear and hate and be led by those not so easily influenced by the 1 in 1000 but, by the 999.

Mike Hammond to Speak at TechServe

On May 21st, Mike Hammond, partner at HLG will be a speaker at the TechServe Alliance Legislative Conference in Washington D.C.

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TechServe Alliance Webinar for IT and Engineering Firms

Mike Hammond will be a speaker at a webinar being hosted by TechServe Alliance focusing on issues impacting IT and Engineering Staffing cos.

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Senate working on CIR bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee spent several days last week discussing the almost 300 amendments proposed by committee members. Many of the more anti-business and anti-H-1b amendments proposed by Sens. Grassley and Durbin were defeated however, several measures did pass. TechServe Alliance has posted a brief summary. Advocacy, education, and lobbying continues to be needed to protect the utilization of H-1b visas by staffing and consulting firms.

Webinar to be held on Senate bill

If you are a member of TechServe Alliance, we encourage you to attend the webinar scheduled for April 23rd. Mike Hammond will be a panelist discussing the Senate CIR bill recently introduced and its potential impact on IT cos.

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TechServe Alliance Annual Conference

TechServe Alliance is celebrating its 25th anniversary and holding its annual conference in Miami this week. Mike Hammond will be one of the speakers. He will be speaking on 2 panels “Key Trends in Accessing Talent Globally: Here, There, Everywhere” and “Key Legal, Legislative and Regulatory Issues Confronting IT & Engineering Staffing and Solution Firms” If you are attending the conference, please check out his sessions.

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Mike Hammond to speak at TechServe event

On Jan 12th, Mike Hammond will be one of the speakers for a webinar event being sponsored by TechServe Alliance . The topic will be  “Utilizing H-1Bs within Your Contingent Workforce: Understanding the Changing Landscape” The webinar is offered to TechServe members only.