EB1 or NIW Petition

Criteria for filing an EB1 or NIW petition

  1. Clear copy of all college diplomas or degrees
  2. Clear copy of college transcripts or mark sheets
  3. Clear copy of education evaluation, if applicable
  4. Clear copy of entire passport (including blank pages and front and back covers)
  5. Clear copy of I-94 card CLEARLY showing last date of entry into the U.S. (if stamp is faint, please specify date of entry and port of entry)
  6. Current resume
  7. Copy of employment contract or appointment letter for full-time permanent, tenure, or tenure-track position
  8. Dates of prior stays in the U.S. on either an H, F, L or J visa
  9. Copy of all H-1 approval notices (if you have ever been in H-1b status)
  10. Copy of I-20 documentation and employment authorization card (if you have been in F-1 status)
  11. Current address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address
  12. Copy of most recent pay stub
  13. Social Security Number
  14. List of any National or International Awards received for outstanding achievements
  15. List of memberships in any organizations which require outstanding achievements (merit based organizations, not dues based organizations)
  16. Copies of any articles written by others in the media discussing you, your work, or your standing in the field
  17. Proof of any reviewership, referee of scholarly articles, and/or service on an editorial board of a scholarly journal or other similar publication
  18. Evidence of any original work (i.e. patents, trademarks, letters of recommendation from colleagues acknowledging you are the first in field to research new area)
  19. Copies of scholarly articles published and citation index

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