Investor Options

The firm has developed an expertise for helping investors successfully navigate their US immigration options. Whether investors are starting a new business or expanding an existing operation, we can identify opportunities to streamline the immigration process. We help create strategies for your organization by asking the right questions and partnering with you. Over the past twenty years, we have created numerous unique initiatives for our clients to invest and thrive in the United States. The firm provides in-person and consultative educational seminars regarding investing in the US and is often called about by universities and related advisers to provide updates and overviews of the latest legislation impacting investors.

We have experience dealing with both temporary and permanent residence options for investors. While the most commonly known or popularized permanent residence option is the EB-5 Investor Visa, we work directly with our clients to focus on leveraging all possible avenues to save time and expense. For example, the USCIS allows for certain Multinational Executives or Managers to apply for permanent residence status as well. There are also temporary options such as the “E” Treaty Trader and L-1 Intra-company Transferee visas that can provide flexibility to investors and their management staff. In some cases, a B-1 Visa can be obtained to allow foreign national limited stay in the US while establishing an enterprise.

This is a streamlined overview. Do not rely solely on this information to make business decisions. Instead, consult with one of our HLG attorneys to advise you. This is not an offering or solicitation for any security or business interest. Hammond Law Group LLC acts as an attorney only and only upon execution of a client agreement.