The End of H-1b visas for consulting/staffing cos. ?

Senate bill 887 proposed by Senators Grassley and Durbin, contains provisions that if enacted would eliminate the use of H-1b visas for any staffing or consulting company.  Essentially, the bill would prohibit the placement of H-1b workers at any third party work-sites unless a waiver was first obtained and a waiver would not be available for any placements that would be considered as, labor for hire.  Further the bill would prohibit the supervision of the H-1b worker by the end client. These provisions would essentially eliminate the use of H-1b visas for computer and engineering consulting companies, healthcare staffing companies, and others. For many years the esteemed Senators have sought ways to completely eliminate the H-1b category and with the current economic climate, they are seizing on the opportunity. 

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