Clueless on Business Immigration

At the Presidential debate last night, both President Obama and Governor Romney demonstrated a complete lack of any understanding of the issues  relevant to business immigration. Let’s start with President Obama.  I almost  fell out of my chair and dropped my bowl of ice cream when I heard him recite the accomplishments and improvements that had occured during his current term.  He stated,   “The first thing we did was to streamline the legal immigration system, to reduce the backlog, make it easier, simpler and cheaper for people who are waiting in line, obeying the law to make sure that they can come here and contribute to our country and that’s good for our economic growth.” Did I miss a memo ? For the IT professionals who are Indian born in the EB2 and EB3 category waiting for between 5 and 25+ years for a green card, are you feeling like the backlog has been reduced ?   For the professional nurse waiting abroad in the Philippines for 5-7 years for your visa to come to the U.S. or the Canadian RN working at the US hospital who is waiting 5 years for her spouse to be able to work, do you feel the process has been streamlined ? For staffing cos. who now have to produce additional documentation and file multiple extensions  for H-1b workers and argue that software engineers are professionals and need a college degree, do you feel that the process is simpler and cheaper ? And as for promoting economic growth, the only growth that has been promoted is in outsourcing contracts as the practical elimination of the L-1b visa has directly resulted in the transfer of U.S. based jobs overseas. Bangalore thanks you, Mr. President but, Silicon Valley does not. Now for Mr. Romney, how naive can he be ? Does he really want to turn over the screening and admission of immigrants to U.S. schools as he posited ? Has he never heard of Tr-Valley or University of Northern Virginia, or more recently Herguan University, all accused of visa fraud and running visa mills. In addition to these high profile cases, if he did a little exploring, he would come to know that many U.S. universities are handing out CPT like candy on Halloween and admitting foreign students into grad programs based upon dubious educational records. Why ? The almighty dollar runs U.S. universities and international tuition is a great source of revenue. If a green card could be obtained by simply completing a U.S. degree, does Mr. Romney not think that the fraud would be rampant ? Was he kidding,  “get a green card stapled to their diploma, come to the U.S. of A. ”  We need serious solutions to the broken state of our business immigration laws and unfortunately, last night, neither candidate seemed to have a clue.

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