Department of State Announces Technical Issues with Overseas Passport and Visa Systems

On June 12, 2015, the Department of State announced that it is experiencing technical problems with its Consular Consolidated Database (“CCD”). These difficulties are not related to the issues that were experienced last year with the CCD. The technical glitch is not specific to any country, visa category or citizenship document. The Department of State has reported that a hardware failure occurred on June 9th that stopped biometric clearance requests from moving from the Consulates to the CCD. In addition, the system that is used to perform national security checks is experiencing technical difficulties. Consequently, the Department of State is not able to print visas and other travel documents. Due to these delays, a backlog in visas has developed, which will cause further delays even once this system is fully operating again. The Department of State has not provided information about when these technical issues will be resolved. It has stated that it will attempt to assist non-immigrant visa applicants who have urgent humanitarian travel needs to obtain a visa. However, the Hammond Law Group suggests that individuals delay making travel plans until these technical issues are resolved.

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