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U.S. Supreme Court Rules in favor of DACA

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an order from the Trump Administration seeking to end the DACA program. There is speculation that the WH will attempt to simply slap a coat of paint on its flawed order and re-publish but, for now, the DACA program remains intact. The current DACA program remains a temporary fix and needs Congressional action to craft a long-term solution. The plight of Dreamers spans multiple Presidencies and regardless of who has been in the WH or in Congress, a solution has not been found. Although there is widespread support for the Dreamers themselves, there is not widespread support for providing benefits and amnesty for their parents and potentially other family members, hence the decades long impasse. For employers that have DACA employees, we would strongly urge you to explore options for sponsoring them for permanent residency.

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