International Students Targeted

In the latest move designed to lessen the amount of legal immigration in the U.S., the Trump Administration has announced that international students who are currently enrolled in US colleges and universities must depart the U.S. and abandon their studies if the school they are attending continues with on-line instruction only for the fall semester. As many schools have yet to announce their fall plans, this latest announcement leaves 1000’s of students in a tenuous and uncertain situation. The attacks against this short-sighted policy have come quickly and from multiple sources but, as with other immigration policies, the White House is tone deaf. Here is a nice summary on the impact to international students.

A lot of news on this issue. Harvard, MIT and others have filed a lawsuit against this new policy. A hearing is scheduled for next week.

The State of California has also filed suit on behalf of its entire university system and the over 100,000 international students currently enrolled.

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