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H-1b Visa Ban Update

Yesterday, the Department of State (DOS) enumerated 4 exceptions to the Visa Ban. You can find them here.

It is expected that the 3rd exception may have the widest application. It states ” Travel by applicants seeking to resume ongoing employment in the United States in the same position with the same employer and visa classification. Forcing employers to replace employees in this situation may cause financial hardship. Consular officers can refer to Part II, Question 2 of the approved Form I-129 to determine if the applicant is continuing in “previously approved employment without change with the same employer.”

You should note however, that it requires no change from the prior petition and many people have changes in extension petitions. Among the most common are WFH allowances, a change in DOL classification, a change in job title or a promotion, etc. Not all extensions will qualify. For those of you in India, it is being reported that the earliest they are scheduling appointments is Feb so this may be moot.

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