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Shutdown Averted ! Shutdown Coming ?

The USCIS has been threatening to furlough 2/3 of its workforce on Aug 30th if they did not receive additional funding. Is the USCIS really out of $ ? At least one US Senator says they are not. Senator Leahy has written to the USCIS challenging their claims and urging them not to move forward with furloughs. On Sat, the House passed legislation that would fund the USCIS and avoid the furloughs. The Bill was bi-partisan but, whether the Senate passes it and Trump signs it is yet to be seen. Reducing immigration both, legal and otherwise, has been a consistent goal of this Administration and closing down the offices and not processing cases would certainly be effective. We will provide updates as they become available.

On Tues Aug 25th, the USCIS announced that the planned furloughs of 13,000 workers has been averted.

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