Trump’s New H-1b Rules Will Be a Boost to Outsourcing

When your only goal is to reduce and/or eliminate legal immigration, the effect on American jobs can be lost. The Trump Administration is expected to release today or tomorrow, new rules which will severely restrict the use of the H-1b visa. The majority of H-1b visas are used by IT professionals. The effect of restricting IT professionals from doing work in the U.S. will be to push IT work off-shore to countries like India, Canada, China and others who welcome ingenuity and the tax base that IT professionals bring to communities. Large Indian IT houses are already salivating at the idea of having one more sales point as they pitch off-shore development and outsourcing of IT work. Check out this article from last week in the NY Times. Could this Administration be so ignorant of the consequences of its actions ? The obvious and sad answer is yes !

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