Second Term ? What to Expect ?

Prior to the election in 2016, many people speculated that President Trump would be a friend of legal immigration, often citing his pro-growth business statements, his personal use of many legal immigration programs for his own businesses, and noting that all of his public statements were aimed at curbing illegal immigration. The last 4 years have shown those people that they were very wrong. The facts are that Trump has enacted multiple policies that have been designed to curb and have often completely prevented legal immigration. International cos. seeking to merely transfer its own workers into the U.S. have seen policies and interpretations designed to discourage and prevent global mobility. U.S. employers seeking to hire international talent have seen multiple policies and Service Center interpretations designed to prevent access to international talent, often forcing jobs and projects overseas. Most recently, the White House has announced a series of new policies designed to make it difficult if not impossible for international students graduating from US graduate schools to enter the US job market thereby impacting the talent pipeline for many years to come. If you don’t like history as your guide for what another 4 years would look like, the Trump campaign has announced that one of their primary goals for a 2nd term is to “cut work visas” and further restrict legal immigration. The economic impact of these attacks are significant. A number of economic studies have reviewed the positive economic impact of H-1b workers and recently, the Brookings Institute released a study regarding the economic loss from Trump’s Visa Ban. No one should act surprised this year as you know what you are voting for !

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