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“New” DOL Regulations !

And you thought he was done. Not even close. When your goal is to destroy legal immigration and make it out of reach for everyone but, the richest, you keep fighting to the end and that is exactly what the Trump Administration is doing. Today, the DOL released in Final Rule format the rule they had released in interim final format in Oct. The new rule will go into effect in 60 days but, the new wages will not be released until July 2021 and there will be a phase-in period. If you recall, that rule was struck down by multiple Federal Courts due to a complete failure to follow the correct legal procedures and the substance of the rule was criticized relative to its faulty assumptions, poor methodology, and math. The DOL “considered” the public comments, in part pointing out the absurdity of having some entry level wages set at $208,000/year, reviewed the decisions from the Federal judges that ruled against them and then dismissed it all and re-issued a very similar rule. To their credit, they did correct some of their math errors. The new methodology sets the wage levels at the 35th,53rd,72nd, and 90th percentiles. A number of the Plaintiffs who pursued federal lawsuits over the interim final rule have already announced that they will be suing again. There is also an expectation that the Biden Administration will take a look at all of the regulations rushed through by the Trump Team so this may all be moot.

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