April Visa Bulletin Plus :)

The Department of State has released the April Visa Bulletin and the Final Action Date chart continued to show steady forward movement across all categories and countries with established cut-off dates. All EB1 countries moved to current and both India and China EB2 and EB3 categories saw jumps of several months. The USCIS has yet to announce whether they will accept the Dates for Filing chart for 485’s in April. We will update this information as it becomes available. The big bonus contained in this month’s Visa Bulletin was the announcement of “Chats with Charlie” and a YouTube channel dedicated to the Visa Bulletin. We encourage you to check out this months Chat here. The good news this month was a prediction that in FY 2022, the DOS expects a total of 275,000 visas to be available for employment based side due to a mixture of the Visa Ban and COVID19. (see posts from 2-26-2021 and 9-24-2020 if you want more info. on this). In FY2021, there was a total of 262,000 visas available and the priority dates jumped multiple years at the beginning of the fiscal year on 10-1-2020. We expect the same this coming fall. There are a number of practical implications of this for both employers and international employees. For international employees, this means getting a green card much sooner than expected which is great news but, it also means finding a stable employment situation and staying where you are. For employers, this will mean less talent in the pool willing to move for the next 12-18 months. Expect to need to make adjustments to your immigration policies immediately.

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