H-1b Cap Reached

The USCIS has announced today that the H-1b cap has been reached, the lottery conducted and the status of all registrations selected updated to show who was selected. The USCIS has not released the total number of registrations received but, anecdotally, it is being reported that less than 30% were selected indicating that the number of submissions was at least 250,000. Many practitioners, including myself, expected fewer filings than last year due to economic and COVID19 related concerns but, that does not appear to have been the case. It is expected that there will be a 2nd lottery held after the 90 day window expires and the USCIS knows how many registrations were selected for whom there was no filing made. If you were not chosen in the lottery, reach out to your HNM attorney who can discuss with you options that may be available.

Filings can begin on April 1st and there is a 90 day window for submissions. As of now, premium processing remains available for H-1b cap filings but, it is anticipated that it may be suspended at any time. We will update you as developments occur.

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