USCIS Policy Manual Updates

Earlier this week, the USCIS made changes to a number of its policies to improve service. You can read the full announcement here. The list below are the one’s we found most relevant:

1. Issuing RFE’s or NOID’s instead of Denials if sufficient evidence is not included in the initial filing. This will allow you the opportunity to overcome a denial prior to a denial being issued.
2. Issuing adjustment based EAD cards for two years instead of 1 year. This will reduce the number of renewal cases they will intake, allowing USCIS to handle other cases in a more timely manner. The cynic in me says that they should process I-485 cases in under 1 year thus making the need for renewals moot.
3. Expanding expedited offerings. Again the cynic in me says that if they would process cases timely and/or expand the types of EAD categories that enjoy automatic extensions, there would be very little need for expedite requests.

Overall, these policy changes are very favorable and are another indication of the return to service for its customers that the USCIS has long stood for as opposed to the adversarial agency it became under the Trump/Miller Administration.

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