Agency in Meltdown ?

The Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman office recently released the 2021 Annual Report and to characterize the Agency as overwhelmed, underfunded and in chaos would be kind. There are over 1.3 million applicants waiting for biometric appointments and a total of over 7 million applications and petitions awaiting adjudication. The most immediate concern is the potential for the USCIS to fail to adjudicate sufficient enough I-485 applications in the final 10 weeks of this fiscal year thereby resulting in the waste of allocated immigrant petitions which do not carry over into the new fiscal year. In addition to internal changes, which in fairness, we must give the new leadership time to correct 4 years of intentional mismanagement and dereliction; we also need Congressional action to provide additional funding and to make legislative fixes to a variety of programs and policies.

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