Chats with Charlie-Visa Bulletin

If you are impacted by the Visa Bulletin issued each month and are curious about the movement of dates forward and backward (retrogression) and are not listening to the monthly youtube live streaming event hosted by the Department of State, I encourage you to start listening. Here is a link to the event held last week discussing the October Visa Bulletin. Some highlights to explain why the October Visa Bulletin did not move forward as expected:

  1. The Department of State received new information from the USCIS in September regarding the number of 485 filings and that changed the DOS projections (and mine)
  2. The approx. 150,000 of unused visas from FY 2021 added to the statutory 140,000 allotment did NOT go away. They are being considered. The projection that there are 290,000 EB visas eligible for approval in FY2022 is true and remains the largest number ever.
  3. There are enough Indian EB3 applicants with I-485’s already filed to use ALL of the FY2022 Visa numbers.
  4. Consular posts are expected to process more IV cases in FY2022 than they did in FY2021 as local conditions permit.
  5. There should be no expectation of any forward movement of the India EB3 category in FY2022.
  6. Any retrogression in the EB3 category announced for November or December are expected to be a large enough retrogression of the Final Action dates to be a one time event.

Legislative action is the only long-term cure for retrogression. As wait times return to virtually all categories and for all countries, it is hoped that there would be more lobbying of Congress for relief.

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