Opportunities Wasted !

As the fiscal year ended on Sept 30,2021 it became apparent that the USCIS and the Department of State would not issue all of the immigrant visas (green cards) that it was authorized by Congress to issue. Immigrant visas not issued do NOT carry-forward to the new fiscal year but, are lost. On the employment side, instead of the statutorily authorized 140,000 visas, the USCIS and DOS were authorized to issue over 220,000 visas due to spill-over from unused family immigrant visas as a result of COVID restrictions in 2020. Sadly, it is being reported that almost none of the additional immigrant visas were issued. The American Immigration Council has released a report giving details about the wasted green cards. If we are being optimistic, we can hope that Congress will pass legislation to re-capture these and other unused immigrant visas from prior fiscal years and we can also hope that the USCIS and DOS will be able to implement procedures this current fiscal year to use all of the authorized immigrant visas; estimated to be approx. 292,000.

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