Good News for STEM Workers

STEM workers have now been given more opportunities to work and immigrate to the U.S. The DHS added 22 additional STEM fields to the list of those programs that are eligible for the 24 mo. STEM OPT EAD extension. They include such fields as Human-Centered Technology Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Business Analytics to name but, a few. The USCIS also announced changes to the National Interest Waiver (NIW) category. The NIW standards can be viewed here. Most that have reviewed these new standards believe that this is an expansion of those that would be eligible. Unfortunately, the NIW category does not allow premium processing of the I-140 so it is difficult to determine the impact of this change. For more information regarding either an NIW or EB1 filing, you can email our Senior Attorney Christy Turovskiy or visit our specialty web-site.

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