CBP Update for L-2 and E-2 holders

As of Jan 31, 2022, CBP has begun to annotate the passports/I-94 records of L-2 and E-2 holders with an annotation which indicates they are eligible to be employed. This change is a result of Federal litigation which caused the USCIS to admit that dependents of E and L holders are work authorized incident to status thus they do not need an EAD card. The complete new list is below:

E-1S – Spouse of E-1
E-1Y – Child of E-1
E-2S – Spouse of E-2
E-2Y – Child of E-2
E-3S – Spouse of E-3
E-3Y – Child of E-3
L-2S – Spouse of L-1A or B
L-2Y – Child of L-1A or B

The USCIS has also updated their Policy Manual to reflect this change. H-4 holders are NOT covered by this change.

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