Good News for IV in FY2023

The USCIS has published an FAQ on Immigrant Visa (green card) processing which provides great insights for what to expect in FY 2023. Among the highlights are:

The USCIS and DOS combined to approve approximately 280,000 Immigrant Visas in FY 2022 exhausting all available visas. Both agencies deserve commendation for the effort made this past year. This accomplishment further puts into perspective the failure in 2021 when over 100,000 visas were wasted.

The DOS has estimated that there will be a surplus of approximately 60,000 additional IV available in FY 2023 from unused family visas. This is far less than the numbers available in the past 2 years. The USCIS has created a great chart to illustrate how these surplus visas are allocated.

The India EB2 category will not reach FY 2022 dates but, will show only very modest forward movements each month. There are already enough I-485’s filed and pending in the EB2 category to exhaust all visa numbers available for this fiscal year.

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