Filing Fee Increases ?

The USCIS has published a proposed rule that would increase filing fees for most immigration filings. The fee increases are huge with the L petition cost going up by over 200% and the H-1b over 70%. I-485 filings would double from $1225 to $2820 and H-1b registrations form $10 to $215. The new fees will… Continue reading Filing Fee Increases ?

Visa Interview Waivers Extended

The Department of State ( DOS), has extended until December 31, 2023, the previously approved policy allowing consular officers to waive the in-person interview for certain visa applicants which include H-1, H-4, L, O, and P among others, who meet certain conditions, including that they are applying for a visa in their country of nationality… Continue reading Visa Interview Waivers Extended

Public Charge Rule Goes into Effect

The USCIS has announced that its public charge rule will go into effect on Dec 23, 2022. This has the practical result of requiring all I-485 applications in process but, not yet filed to be re-done to use the new I-485 form version that was just released. For employment based applicants, there should be little… Continue reading Public Charge Rule Goes into Effect

Federal Reserve Chair Takes Aim at Trump/Miller

In a recent speech, Federal Reserve Board Chair Powell directly charged the Trump era anti-legal immigration policies for having a continued negative effect on the U.S. economy. The anti-immigrant policies created by Stephen Miller and implemented by the Trump Administration reduced the number of high-skilled, healthcare, and STEM workers being admitted into the U.S. The… Continue reading Federal Reserve Chair Takes Aim at Trump/Miller

DOL Processing Delays

In response to inquiries from AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) regarding the ever lengthening processing delays for PWD’s (prevailing wage determinations), the DOL provided several reasons including: higher volume, impact of increased filings for H-2b cases, and the implementation of the new SOC codes which went into effect on July 1st. With respect to the… Continue reading DOL Processing Delays