USCIS Processing Times

The USCIS recently changed the information they provide the public relative to processing times for specific filings. They changed from a range of dates to now providing a specific date, which indicates that 80% of cases are adjudicated within this timeframe. The USCIS has created an FAQ that provides more information. For most immigration law… Continue reading USCIS Processing Times

Great News for EAD Renewals !

The USCIS has issued a Temporary Final Rule that extends the automatic renewal time period for EAD renewals from 180 days to 540 days. This new rule, which takes effect on May 4, 2022 applies to all classes of EAD cards that are currently entitled to an automatic extension. The current list can be found… Continue reading Great News for EAD Renewals !

CBP Update for L-2 and E-2 holders

As of Jan 31, 2022, CBP has begun to annotate the passports/I-94 records of L-2 and E-2 holders with an annotation which indicates they are eligible to be employed. This change is a result of Federal litigation which caused the USCIS to admit that dependents of E and L holders are work authorized incident to… Continue reading CBP Update for L-2 and E-2 holders

Good News for STEM Workers

STEM workers have now been given more opportunities to work and immigrate to the U.S. The DHS added 22 additional STEM fields to the list of those programs that are eligible for the 24 mo. STEM OPT EAD extension. They include such fields as Human-Centered Technology Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Business… Continue reading Good News for STEM Workers

EAD Expedite for Healthcare Workers

This week, the USCIS Public Engagement office announced that it will immediately begin to expedite the issuance of EAD’s for healthcare workers if: You have a pending Employment Authorization Document (EAD) renewal application ; and  Your EAD is expiring within 30 days or less, or has already expired:  Please call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283  to request expedited processing of your EAD renewal application. If your EAD renewal is pending… Continue reading EAD Expedite for Healthcare Workers

Settlement Highlights Importance of HR Training

In a real-world example of how a misunderstanding of how to conduct employment eligibility verification, the Department of Justice recently published a settlement agreement that demonstrates how a nuanced requirement for human resource professionals can be quite costly to the organization at large. Recently, the Immigrant and Employee Rights Section (IER) of the Civil Rights… Continue reading Settlement Highlights Importance of HR Training