August Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) released the August Visa Bulletin and all categories across all countries are retrogressed. Given the “use it or lose it” laws in effect relative to immigrant visa (green card) usage, summer retrogression is not unusual and actually indicates that the USCIS and DOS are working efficiently and using all of… Continue reading August Visa Bulletin

Retrogression Strikes Again

The Department of State (DOS) has released the July Visa Bulletin and many categories saw further retrogression. Most notable was the India EB3 category which moved backward by over 2 years. All other EB3 categories retrogressed by 4 months. Forward movement is not expected until the new fiscal year in October and even further retrogression… Continue reading Retrogression Strikes Again

New PERM Filing System

The DOL’s new FLAG system for the submission of PERM applications (Labor Certification Applications) goes into effect on June 1, 2023. Applications may no longer be filed under the old system. Practitioners expect there to be many “glitches” and “Oh ! We didn’t think about that” but, are optimistic that the system will be much… Continue reading New PERM Filing System

June Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the June Visa Bulletin and there were no changes. Retrogression remains a problem that needs a legislative solution. The USCIS posted that it will only honor the Final Action Date chart for I-485 filings.

May Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the May Visa Bulletin and sadly, retrogression is widespread impacting almost all categories and all countries. Only the EB1 category was not impacted. The USCIS announced that the would only allow I-485 filings using the Final Action Date chart. Forward advancement is not expected until October. Additional retrogression… Continue reading May Visa Bulletin

Nurse Staffing Agency Loses

A Federal Judge recently ruled that a New York based staffing company violated numerous federal laws including anti-trafficking laws in their treatment of international nurses recruited from the Philippines. The charges claimed that the staffing company failed to pay the proper wages and that the liquidated damage clauses were unlawful.

April Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the April Visa Bulletin and EB3 applicants breathed a sigh of relief as the dates held steady with ROW and the Philippines remaining current. Unfortunately, for EB2 holders dates retrogressed in the ROW and India. There was only forward movement in China EB3. Retrogression remains a major problem… Continue reading April Visa Bulletin


Ever curious about PERM data ? The DOL releases a performance report each quarter. For 1stQ FY2023, they released data that showed audits and denial rates of under 10%. The data also helps to explain why the process is continuing to slow because they received over 40,000 applications but, only processed approx. 25,000.