H-4, L-2, and E dependents Win over EAD issues !

This week, the USCIS reached a settlement agreement stemming from a Federal lawsuit brought on behalf of H-4 and L-2 EAD holders. The lawsuit was brought by AILA and a number of partners. The USCIS then released a new policy memo implementing the settlement and also included E dependents. In pertinent part, the new policy… Continue reading H-4, L-2, and E dependents Win over EAD issues !

Talent Shortage

Recent reports show that hiring demand is high but, there remains a major talent shortage. Check out this recent report from Manpower Group. Although certainly not a panacea, there are a number of workers in the U.S. being prevented from being available in the talent pool due to inefficiencies and outdated policies from the USCIS… Continue reading Talent Shortage

Another Trump Era H-1b Rule is Declared Invalid

Last week, a Federal judge declared the last of the Trump Era (Stephen Miller creations) regulations illegally issued and declared it invalid. This last regulation would’ve changed the way H-1b cap cases were selected moving from a random lottery to a system that selected petitions by salary. This would’ve been a major boost to international… Continue reading Another Trump Era H-1b Rule is Declared Invalid

Chats with Charlie-Visa Bulletin

If you are impacted by the Visa Bulletin issued each month and are curious about the movement of dates forward and backward (retrogression) and are not listening to the monthly youtube live streaming event hosted by the Department of State, I encourage you to start listening. Here is a link to the event held last… Continue reading Chats with Charlie-Visa Bulletin

H-1b Visas in the News

The H-1b Visa, always a hot political topic, has been in the news a lot lately. Now that the H-1b lottery numbers have been released by the USCIS and we know that over 300,000 registration were submitted, we can quickly calculate that about 35% of those seeking a visa were selected. Check out this recent… Continue reading H-1b Visas in the News

Biden Administration Defends Trump’s H-1b Lottery Rule

As part of a Federal Court action pending in California, the Biden Administration submitted briefs defending the Trump Administration’s rule which prioritized the selection of H-1b visas by salary levels. This change from the current random process would have a negative effect on international students but, would be welcome news to large international employers who… Continue reading Biden Administration Defends Trump’s H-1b Lottery Rule

Agency in Meltdown ?

The Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman office recently released the 2021 Annual Report and to characterize the Agency as overwhelmed, underfunded and in chaos would be kind. There are over 1.3 million applicants waiting for biometric appointments and a total of over 7 million applications and petitions awaiting adjudication. The most immediate concern is the… Continue reading Agency in Meltdown ?