Agency in Meltdown ?

The Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman office recently released the 2021 Annual Report and to characterize the Agency as overwhelmed, underfunded and in chaos would be kind. There are over 1.3 million applicants waiting for biometric appointments and a total of over 7 million applications and petitions awaiting adjudication. The most immediate concern is the… Continue reading Agency in Meltdown ?

International Entrepreneur Program Lives !

Today, the USCIS published a rule withdrawing a Trump Admin. rule which served to block the implementation of an Obama Admin rule which created an avenue for entrepreneurs and investors to come to the US. Check out the USCIS announcement. HNM works with investors and entrepreneurs to obtain US visas including E, L-1a, and EB5’s… Continue reading International Entrepreneur Program Lives !

USCIS Provides OPT Relief !

The USCIS has recognized the difficulties that students are having as a result of delays in the issuance of I-765 receipts, the processing of 765 applications and the actual production of EAD cards so they have provided some relief. The steps taken by the USCIS will allow students to take full advantage of the 12… Continue reading USCIS Provides OPT Relief !

Which “new” Regulations Remain ?

There were 3 new regulations announced by the Trump Administration prior to their demise. They included: 1. A change to the way the H-1b lottery was conducted to emphasize level of pay 2. A change to the DOL methodology for setting prevailing wages using the OES 3. A change to the definition of employer-employee Last… Continue reading Which “new” Regulations Remain ?

Recent USCIS and DOL Rules

On this day, when the legal immigration world should be celebrating an incoming President that, at the very least, will not be anti legal immigration, we are still reading and trying to understand the implications of the new rules announced in the past week. Here is a link to a great summary from our friend… Continue reading Recent USCIS and DOL Rules