Visa Interview Waivers Extended

The Department of State ( DOS), has extended until December 31, 2023, the previously approved policy allowing consular officers to waive the in-person interview for certain visa applicants which include H-1, H-4, L, O, and P among others, who meet certain conditions, including that they are applying for a visa in their country of nationality… Continue reading Visa Interview Waivers Extended

Visa Delays in India

As all Indian nationals seeking visa appointments are aware, the wait times are horrible and this situation is now making national headlines. Whether the attention will result in additional resources for the Department of State to clear the backlog is unknown but, one can hope.

H-1b Data from SIA

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has published an article filled with H-1b data in the context of heavy demand for IT talent. It notes the massive increase in H-1b registrations to almost 500,000 for this year’s H-1b lottery. At some point, hopefully Congress grasps that the lack of IT talent tin the US is a problem… Continue reading H-1b Data from SIA

Mexican TN Visas

TN visas being issued to Mexican nationals will now be issued for 4 years instead of the previous 1 year. Refer to the DOS reciprocity table here. At the port of entry, the admission will remain limited to 3 years and will be noted on the I-94 card record.

New L-1 Guidance

The USCIS has announced that they have completed the L-1 section of the USCIS Policy Manual. The USCIS is in the midst of a multi-year process of transforming the Adjudicators Field Manual into the USCIS Policy Manual. The new L-1 section has no major substantive changes.

Qualify for an O visa ?

The USCIS recently updated its Policy Manual (think internal guide for adjudicating petitions) to expand opportunities for STEM workers to obtain O visas. If you have an employee that was not selected in the H-1b lottery and is running out of STEM OPT time, you may want to consider an O petition as opposed to… Continue reading Qualify for an O visa ?

H-1b End Client Letters leading to an Indictment !

Remember when every H-1b working for a staffing company required an end client letter ? Recall how difficult it was to obtain them and remember hearing anecdotes about certain companies being “creative” in obtaining them ? In at least one instance, a Federal Indictment has been issued and charges have been brought alleging the preparation… Continue reading H-1b End Client Letters leading to an Indictment !

Great News for EAD Renewals !

The USCIS has issued a Temporary Final Rule that extends the automatic renewal time period for EAD renewals from 180 days to 540 days. This new rule, which takes effect on May 4, 2022 applies to all classes of EAD cards that are currently entitled to an automatic extension. The current list can be found… Continue reading Great News for EAD Renewals !