You May Want to Know ?

1. Where can I get the latest Visa bulletin? –

2. Where can I check the status of my pending USCIS petition? –

3. Where can I check how long it will take to get an appointment and get a visa issued at a US Consulate? –

4. Where can I check how long PERM cases are taking? –

5. Where can I check how long the USCIS is taking to process petitions? –

6. Where can I see which petitions can be filed as premium processing? –

7. Where can I see a list of the current USCIS filing fees? –


Advocacy groups (pro and con)

Compete America –

FAIR: Federation for Immigration Reform –

AIC (Formerly AILF) –


Professional Links

TechServe Alliance –

SIA: Staffing Industry Analysts –

ASA: American Staffing Association –


Friends & Other Useful Links

American Immigration Lawyers Association –


Matthew Bender –

Greg Siskind –

Chuck Kuck –

Mark Goldstein –

Michael Piston –

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