Canada has eyes set on H-1b and L-1b workers

Our friends to the north have been observing our current immigration system and have noted that the US policy and practice at present is to refuse work visas to high tech workers (STEM grads), entrepreneurs, and specialized workers from international companies and have decided that they may be able to take advantage of our ineptitude. I… Continue reading Canada has eyes set on H-1b and L-1b workers

Ever been late by 30 minutes ?

This really isn’t directly relevant to IT workers but, I found it interesting so I thought I would share. Often, we talk about the “Culture of No” that is so pervasive at the USCIS and US Consulates and we struggles to understand how someone can have been found to possess specialized knowledge the last 3 times their… Continue reading Ever been late by 30 minutes ?

Federal Court Upholds L-1b denial

If you had received 251 L-1b approvals in a row, wouldn’t you feel pretty confident about your next L-1b filing ? As the Brazilian restaurant Fogo discovered, not in this current culture of no.  For many years, Fogo had brought genuine Brazilian gaucho chefs from its restaurants in Brazil to work at its US restaurants using the… Continue reading Federal Court Upholds L-1b denial

Federal Judge Chastises USCIS again

In what has become a common occurrence, a Federal judge has spared no feelings in decrying a decision taken by a USCIS agency. The latest was the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals  wherein the Court stated of the USCIS agency action,  “An agency must give reasons for abandoning a precedent. The citation of the case by the Board is… Continue reading Federal Judge Chastises USCIS again

New USCIS memo worries many

Recently, the USCIS issued a new memo regarding the issuance of Request for Evidence (RFE’s) and Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID’s). The stated purpose of the memo was to replace a prior memo that gave guidance that RFE’s “should be avoided if possible”. This new memo seems to encourage not only the issuance of RFE’s but,… Continue reading New USCIS memo worries many

USCIS Officers Oppose the Senate CIR bill

In a letter to lawmakers published earlier this week by the NY Times, the Union representing USCIS officers and examiners announced their opposition to the Senate Immigration bill.  I read the letter and seriously laughed out loud and then I shed a little tear (not really as I am not in the least bit emotionally… Continue reading USCIS Officers Oppose the Senate CIR bill

No Friend In the White House

Yesterday, USA Today published excerpts of the Presidents Immigration plan and unfortunately,  the President’s plan does not include any relief for persons legally pursuing immigrant status but delayed due to retrogression.  Instead, his plan puts persons here without status, illegally or undocumented (choose your term) in many cases ahead of persons who are already in the EB2… Continue reading No Friend In the White House

Arms wide open ? Hardly !

In spite of all the rhetoric coming from the White House on increasing entrepreneurial opportunities in the U.S. for immigrants that create jobs for U.S. workers, the opposite is the reality, as this case reported by ABC News illustrates. One must wonder, who is in charge of U.S. immigration policy ? President Obama certainly isn’t… Continue reading Arms wide open ? Hardly !

Less talk, more action needed from USCIS !

Once again, the USCIS is publicly pretending to be the friend of entrepreneurs, investors and specially skilled foreign workers while the culture of NO remains deeply ingrained at the Service Centers and at the US Consulates. In announcing the “Entrepreneurs in Residence” program, Director Mayorkas, has once again put forth the right message. Unfortunately, his own agency is… Continue reading Less talk, more action needed from USCIS !