Audits of PERM cases increase

According to recent statistics released by the DOL, there is a greater scrutiny of PERM applications.  Over 40% of all applications currently pending are either under audit or supervised recruitment. Of the over 40,000 cases with decisions this fiscal year (10-1-2011 to date) over 15% have been denied.

Grassley Amendment to HR 3012 a Blow to U.S. Employers

Earlier this week, Senator Grassley publicly announced that he had released his hold on HR 3012. If you recall, HR 3012 was a bill that had passed the House by a margin of 389-15 and essentially eliminated decades of national origin discrimination by eliminating the per country limits applied to the distribution of immigrant visas… Continue reading Grassley Amendment to HR 3012 a Blow to U.S. Employers

DOL releases PERM data, the leader in immigration news, recently published data released by the DOL on PERM filings for the first 6 months of the current fiscal year. It is interesting to note that almost 30% of PERM filings are subject to audits.

DOL releases stats on PERM cases

Recently, the DOL released stats for PERM cases. Of particular interest is that the denial/withdrawal rate has increased to over 25% and of the over 24,000 cases currently pending, over 6,000 are being audited.  Processing times for cases with the exception of BALCA appeals remains under 1 yr which by historical standards is excellent.

PWD update :(

As we advised you in our Aug 2nd post, the DOL suspended issuing PWD’s and to date there has been no official announcement regarding a return to full service.  There have been multiple reports of attorneys receiving a scattering of PWD’s last week but, it does nto appear that a full scale return to operations as normal… Continue reading PWD update 🙁

Terminating an H-1b worker ? Buy a stamp !

In a recent decision, a US employer was held liable for back wages of over $150,000 for a terminated H-1b worker that it never even employed.  When the employer chose not to employ the worker and in essence, withdrew  its employment offer, it failed to notify the USCIS. The Judge stated, “Informing the immigration authorities that the employment… Continue reading Terminating an H-1b worker ? Buy a stamp !

Delay in Prevailing Wage Determinations

The DOL is currently providing the following update on the issuance of prevailing wage determinations: The OFLC National Prevailing Wage Center is experiencing delays in processing prevailing wage determinations as it is currently working to reissue certain determinations to comply with a court order issued June 15, 2011 in the United States District Court for… Continue reading Delay in Prevailing Wage Determinations

Government shutdown looming ? Impact on immigration

If the political parties can’t agree on a budget and the government shuts down on Fri. as threatened, the implications to various agencies involved in immigration processing are significant. Although, much is not yet announced it is likely that there would be little impact to the USCIS as they are primarily funded by fees whereas… Continue reading Government shutdown looming ? Impact on immigration

National Immigration Law Firm To Be Audited by the DOL

The DOL announced today that all of the PERM filings made by the national law firm Fragomen will be subject to audit due to claims of the law firm being improperly involved in the rejection of U.S. workers.  Given the vague nature of the regulation in question, this action could prove to be enlightening and… Continue reading National Immigration Law Firm To Be Audited by the DOL