USCIS Urges I-485 Filings

The USCIS has again released an alert encouraging people that are eligible, to file I-485 applications; and, for those persons that have I-485 applications pending under EB3 that are eligible to transfer to an EB2 or EB1 category, to do so immediately, to take advantage of the large number of immigrant visas available this fiscal… Continue reading USCIS Urges I-485 Filings

I-485 Interfiling ? My EB2 PD is current ?

Many Indian nationals that filed a 485 in the fall of 2020 using a downgrade EB3 I-140 have now found themselves in a situation where their EB3 priority date has retrogressed but, their original approved EB2 priority date has now moved ahead and may be current or, based upon more recent DOS proclamations, is expected… Continue reading I-485 Interfiling ? My EB2 PD is current ?

November Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the November Visa Bulletin. There was no change in the “dates for filing chart”. The “final action date” chart saw significant movement in the India and PRC EB2 categories and in the Philippines EB3 category.

PERM stats

The DOL has released updated PERM stats which reveal some interesting tidbits. The number of PERM applications received this year over the same time period in FY 2014 is up over 25%. Of cases where a decision has been reached, less than 10% have been denied. Over 30% of cases are currently in audit review… Continue reading PERM stats

September Visa Bulletin

The DOS has released the September Visa Bulletin, and as is typical for the last bulletin of the fiscal year, most categories saw no movement however, EB2 India and EB3 Philippines saw forward jumps. There is great anticipation for the October Bulletin to see if India EB2 holds its ground or retrogresses.

Thanks to attendees

A special thanks to those of you who attended our IT and healthcare staffing seminar in Newark, NJ on Fri. We appreciate your attendance and participation in a lively discussion about the Neufeld memo, EB2 programs, L-1b’s, RFE’s, retrogression, HR 3012, and a variety of compliance related topics. We look forward to seeing you again next year… Continue reading Thanks to attendees

August Visa bulletin released !

The DOS has released the August 2012 Visa Bulletin  As expected, the EB2 category remained unchanged. Unfortunately, the EB3 category slowed to a virtual crawl. The Philippines EB3 category only moved forward 1 week. It is expected that the September bulletin will contain similar bad news however, we expect the October bulletin to bring us… Continue reading August Visa bulletin released !

June Visa bulletin contains no surprises

As expected, the June Visa Bulletin, recently released by the Department of State, made EB2 for India and China unavailable. All EB3 categories continued their snail-like pace forward. There was also a warning that cut-off dates for the EB1 category and the EB2 category for all other countries may be necessary before the end of… Continue reading June Visa bulletin contains no surprises

EB2 Dates have already retrogressed :(

We knew it was too good to last and finally, the announcement has come. The DOS has confirmed that as of March 23rd, all available EB2 numbers for India and China for the current fiscal year have been exhausted. I-485 applications may continue to be filed as long as your priority date is current pursuant… Continue reading EB2 Dates have already retrogressed 🙁