DOS releases June Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the June Visa Bulletin and just like last month, there were huge gains for EB3 for the “All other countries” category, Mexico, and China.  For people born in those countries,  the priority dates jumped 9 months forward to Sept 1, 2008.  There remained little to no movement for persons from India… Continue reading DOS releases June Visa Bulletin

DOS Releases January Visa Bulletin

The DOS has released the January Visa Bulletin and for persons in the EB3 category “all chargeability except” and for persons from PRC, the news was good as the priority dates jumped forward. For persons from India and the Phillipines, there remained little to no forward progress.  The lack of movement for the EB3 category… Continue reading DOS Releases January Visa Bulletin

April Visa Bulletin Released

The DOS has released the April Visa Bulletin and unfortunately, the movement of EB2 dates for Indian and Chinese nationals halted with dates remaining the same as the March bulletin. Historically, a month where dates remain constant indicates that the DOS may have enough demand to utilize all available immigrant visas for a fiscal year and… Continue reading April Visa Bulletin Released

Good news for retrogression :) kinda :(

Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3012, the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act by an overwhelming vote of 389-15. This bill would change the way employment-based (EB) green cards are allocated by eliminating the per country quotas. If the bill becomes law, it will equalize the waiting times for employment based permanent… Continue reading Good news for retrogression 🙂 kinda 🙁

November Visa Bulletin Released !

This week, the DOS released the November Visa Bulletin and the dates jumped once again for EB2 India and Chinese nationals but, remained painstakingly slow for all others. The National Foundation for American Policy recently released a study in which it calculated that the wait in the EB3 category had reached 70 years for Indian… Continue reading November Visa Bulletin Released !

October visa bulletin released ! EB2 India and China to Retrogress !

The DOS has released the October Visa Bulletin and it shows a 3 month jump for EB2 India and China but, the movement for EB3 was less than a month and the pace remains discouraging for employers and beneficiaries alike. Included in the Visa bulletin was the DOS’s look into its crystal ball and for the EB3… Continue reading October visa bulletin released ! EB2 India and China to Retrogress !

September Visa Bulletin Released

The DOS released the September Visa Bulletin and the EB2 categories for India and PRC showed no forward movement whereas the EB3 categories for all countries once again showed slow but, steady movement forward. It is not uncommon for the final Visa Bulletin of the fiscal year to show some slow-down or even retrogression so… Continue reading September Visa Bulletin Released

May Visa Bulletin released

The Department of State released the May visa bulletin and as promised, there was some forward movement in all categories including India EB2. Also included in the bulletin were predictions of future movement and an interesting (if you are an immigration attorney, an Indian national in the EB2 category or simply crazy about numbers) explanation on… Continue reading May Visa Bulletin released