Federal Court is our Friend !

In this time of increased denials of employment based cases particularly H-1b cases, many employers are finding relief in Federal Courts. Federal Courts are not following the orders of the Trump administration and generally follow the established law rather than politically motivated directives. Check out this blog post by our friend and excellent immigration attorney… Continue reading Federal Court is our Friend !

USCIS is Sued Again Over H-1b Visas

The USCIS has been sued again in Federal Court, this time over the issuance of shortened H-1b approval notices. The plaintiff is seeking more examples of shortened approval notice and if you have any that you wish to share, you can contact Mike at mfh@hammondlawgroup.com and he will pass them along to the plaintiff’s attorney,… Continue reading USCIS is Sued Again Over H-1b Visas

H-1b Legal Action

Please read the update on the legal action being brought against recent USCIS policies enacted against the H-1b program. The case remains pending and we will update as information becomes available.