H-1b Visas in the News

The H-1b Visa, always a hot political topic, has been in the news a lot lately. Now that the H-1b lottery numbers have been released by the USCIS and we know that over 300,000 registration were submitted, we can quickly calculate that about 35% of those seeking a visa were selected. Check out this recent… Continue reading H-1b Visas in the News

Biden Administration Defends Trump’s H-1b Lottery Rule

As part of a Federal Court action pending in California, the Biden Administration submitted briefs defending the Trump Administration’s rule which prioritized the selection of H-1b visas by salary levels. This change from the current random process would have a negative effect on international students but, would be welcome news to large international employers who… Continue reading Biden Administration Defends Trump’s H-1b Lottery Rule

Which “new” Regulations Remain ?

There were 3 new regulations announced by the Trump Administration prior to their demise. They included: 1. A change to the way the H-1b lottery was conducted to emphasize level of pay 2. A change to the DOL methodology for setting prevailing wages using the OES 3. A change to the definition of employer-employee Last… Continue reading Which “new” Regulations Remain ?

H-1b Cap Lottery Conference Call

Hammond Neal Moore will be hosting a clients only conference call on Thurs. Jan 28th at 2:00 eastern to discuss the latest changes impacting the H-1b cap lottery for this year. You can see detailed topics and register here.

New H-1b Lottery Rules !

Today, the USCIS published a new rule in the Federal Register changing the way that H-1b petitions are chosen in the lottery. The lottery has always been a random selection process however, this new regulation would change the process to a wage based system in which persons being paid at wage level 4 would have… Continue reading New H-1b Lottery Rules !

USCIS to begin returning rejected H-1b lottery cases

The USCIS has announced that it has completed the data entry of all H-1b cap lottery cases and that rejected cases will begin to be returned next week. Receipts are expected to continue to trickle in over the next week. The USCIS did not provide an estimate for when all receipts or rejected cases would… Continue reading USCIS to begin returning rejected H-1b lottery cases

H-1b Cap Opens

Happy April 1st, the day where hope of a coveted H-1b visa still feels in reach. Due to April 1st falling on a Saturday, the H-1b cap period this year begins on Monday April 3rd and all cases received between Monday and Friday April 7th, will be included in the lottery. Information about the cap… Continue reading H-1b Cap Opens

Happy H-1b Cap Day ! Dysfunction Reigns !

Today, April 1st, marks the first day that H-1b cap petitions can be filed seeking a new H-1b visa from the FY 2017 quota. The quota is set at 85,000 total with 20,000 being set-aside for persons with US masters degrees or higher. All H-1b petitions must be filed by a US employer and the… Continue reading Happy H-1b Cap Day ! Dysfunction Reigns !