233,000 :(

The USCIS today announced that it had received approx. 233,000 H-1b cap subject petitions to be included in the lottery for 85,000 visas. They further announced that the lottery had been completed. They did not indicate when receipts would be issued but, did remind everyone that they expected to begin processing premium process filed cases… Continue reading 233,000 ūüôĀ

124,000 H-1b cap cases filed

The USCIS has reported that they received approximately 124,000 H-1b cap petitions for what is approximately 85,000 slots. In effect, this means that almost 30% of petitions filed will be returned to U.S. Employers.  Employers should expect to receive receipts and/or rejections over the next few weeks.

Are you feeling lucky ?

On Friday, the USCIS announced that it had received enough H-1b cap petitions in the first 5 days of filing to exceed both the Master’s cap and the regular cap thereby creating the need for a lottery. It will likely be several weeks before anxious employers and potential H-1b beneficiaries find out if they have… Continue reading Are you feeling lucky ?

Monday, the same as Friday ?

With the H-1b cap opening on Monday, April 1st, is it critical that your case arrives on Monday ? What if the overnight delivery driver fails to pick up at your office on Sat., should you¬†panic ? ¬†The answer is that an H-1b cap case¬†filed on Monday is treated the¬†same as¬†one filed on Friday. Several… Continue reading Monday, the same as Friday ?

The H-1b cap lottery returns !

In a public announcement released yesterday, the USCIS has announced that it believes that the H-1b cap for FY 2014 will be hit within a few days of the opening and predicts that cases filed after April 5th will not be accepted. The announcement further stated that they believe an excess of cases¬†may be received… Continue reading The H-1b cap lottery returns !

H-1b cap filings Update

In 2008, 163,000 H-1b cap petitions were received by USCIS between April 1st and April 7th for fiscal year 2009.¬† Since only 65,000 new H-1bs can be approved in any fiscal year, USCIS faced the problematic situation of determining which cases should be adjudicated and which should be returned.¬† USCIS used a random selection process… Continue reading H-1b cap filings Update

USCIS Announces H-1b cap case total

Today, the USCIS announced that it received 163,000 H-1b cases for the FY 2009 cap¬†of which 31,200 were for the advanced degree cap.¬† The lottery will begin shortly so keep your fingers crossed. There has been no indication as to when receipts will be issued for accepted cases or when rejected cases will be returned… Continue reading USCIS Announces H-1b cap case total