Senator Hatch calls out Senator Grassley

Last week, Computerworld published comments from Senator Hatch in which he essentially called out Senator Grassley for being a protectionist and simply ignoring the economic realties of the global marketplace that exists in 2015 by virtue of his plan to prevent an increase in the H-1b cap without including unnecessary and onerous requirements. The proposals… Continue reading Senator Hatch calls out Senator Grassley

Senator Sessions holds anti-H-1b meeting

Senator Sessions (R-Ala) a long-time and outspoken opponent of the H-1b visa and any increase in the H-1b quota or an increase in legal immigration, hosted a policy discussion last week to denounce any increase in the H-1b cap. The premise of the discussion was that there were plenty of unemployed US workers with STEM… Continue reading Senator Sessions holds anti-H-1b meeting

H-1b cap count updated

The USCIS has released the H-1b cap count for filings received through May 25th.  The Master’s number has reached 17,500 and the regular count has reached 48,400. We are estimating a week to ten days remaining until the quota is exhausted. We will continue to update the count as information is made available.

Why was the H-1b cap reached so early this year ?

Many people are wondering what caused the H-1b cap to be reached so much more quickly this year. Information that the cap would be met in November, two and a half months earlier than past years, caused many employers to scramble to submit petitions. At the Hammond Law Group, we believe that there are several… Continue reading Why was the H-1b cap reached so early this year ?

H-1b Master’s cap reached !

The USCIS has announced that the 20,000 quota allocated to graduates of US Master’s or higher degree programs for H-1b visas has been reached as of 10-21-2011. There are also less than 20,000 left in the regular quota and there has been a recent marked increase in the number of new filings. If the current pace… Continue reading H-1b Master’s cap reached !

H-1b’s Going Fast

The USCIS is very near to reaching the H-1b cap. As of Friday, the USCIS had receipted 60,700 H-1b petitions.  That leaves only 4,300 cap-subject petitions available for this fiscal year. It is expected that the cap will be reached before the end of this month.