H-1b Visa Changes Imminent

It is being widely reported that wide-sweeping changes to the H-1b visa regulations have now been sent to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for final review. It is being reported that the new regulations will be released as an interim final rule with immediate effect. There will be no comment period. The timing… Continue reading H-1b Visa Changes Imminent

Shortened H-1b Approvals

Although I routinely say that I prefer a shortened H-1b approval over a denial, I often see the frustration on the part of my IT and engineering staffing and solutions companies when they get an H-1b approval shortened to the date of the current JO,PO, or SOW expiration. We can only assume that USCIS examiners… Continue reading Shortened H-1b Approvals

Sessions on the H-1b Visa

As confirmation hearings begin on Senator Jeff Sessions becoming the next Attorney General, it is enlightening to hear what he has said on H-1b visas. In an interview published in 2016 for Breitbart, Sessions made claims such as “over half of US STEM grads can’t find jobs”; “IT wages have not gone up since 2000”… Continue reading Sessions on the H-1b Visa

Changes to the H-1b in 2017 ?

In the first week of the new Congress, Rep Issa (R-CA) re-introduced a bill HR 170 designed to reform the H-1b program. The key component in the bill would raise the dependency exemption from $60,000 to $100,000. This same bill previously failed at the Committee level in 2016. It is expected that this will be… Continue reading Changes to the H-1b in 2017 ?

H-1b Visas in the spotlight at Disney

In a story sure to get the attention of legislators in Washington D.C., and in my humble opinion rightly so, The New York Times ran a story today about H-1b workers being placed at Disney and the U.S. workers they were replacing being required to train them. The story was picked up and ran on… Continue reading H-1b Visas in the spotlight at Disney

USCIS Policy Memo on Amended H-1b Petitions

On May 21,2015, the USCIS issued new policy guidance for H-1b employers. This guidance was issued following the April 9th Simeio Solutions precedent decision from the AAO which determined that a change in employment outside the area of intended employment was a material change and required the filing of an amended petition. This ruling was… Continue reading USCIS Policy Memo on Amended H-1b Petitions

Senator Hatch calls out Senator Grassley

Last week, Computerworld published comments from Senator Hatch in which he essentially called out Senator Grassley for being a protectionist and simply ignoring the economic realties of the global marketplace that exists in 2015 by virtue of his plan to prevent an increase in the H-1b cap without including unnecessary and onerous requirements. The proposals… Continue reading Senator Hatch calls out Senator Grassley

NFAP Report Challenges Senate on Proposed H-1b Restrictions

In a report released earlier this week, the NFAP claimed that the Senate’s proposals to restrict the usage of H-1b’s were not based on sound evidence and represented poor economic policy. This report was issued before Sen. Grassley and others introduced amendments which would create even further restrictions on the H-1b. Whether or not the… Continue reading NFAP Report Challenges Senate on Proposed H-1b Restrictions