Is the H-1b cap 65,000 or 58,200 ?

With the recent announcement from the USCIS that 56,900 H-1b cases have been counted against the FY 2010 cap, there has been wide speculation about when the cap will actually be reached. Will it be a Hanukkah or Christmas present or will we get to ring in a new year with filings still to be… Continue reading Is the H-1b cap 65,000 or 58,200 ?

The End of H-1b visas for consulting/staffing cos. ?

Senate bill 887 proposed by Senators Grassley and Durbin, contains provisions that if enacted would eliminate the use of H-1b visas for any staffing or consulting company.  Essentially, the bill would prohibit the placement of H-1b workers at any third party work-sites unless a waiver was first obtained and a waiver would not be available… Continue reading The End of H-1b visas for consulting/staffing cos. ?

Sanders/Grassley amendment bad policy

As reported earlier this week, the Senate version of the Stimulus package contains restrictions on the use of H-1b visas by companies receiving funds. In typical Grassley fashion, the basis for the restrictions was short on facts and logic and long on rhetoric and 19th century protectionist thinking. The National Foundation for American Policy has… Continue reading Sanders/Grassley amendment bad policy

Those who can, teach!

An article in today’s Washington Post highlights a new emerging trend in immigration — foreign professionals with degrees in math, science, and special education are turning to teaching as a way to work legally in the US.  These highly educated teachers fill a much needed employment gap caused by retiring teachers.  Because many school districts have… Continue reading Those who can, teach!

Premium processing returns for I-140’s

Today, the USCIS announced that on June 16, 2008, it will begin accepting Premium Processing Service requests for I-140’s  filed on behalf of certain H-1b workers who are nearing the end of their sixth year limit.  Although this particular program is rather limiting, it is welcome news and may signal the more widespread return of premium processing.… Continue reading Premium processing returns for I-140’s