Thanks to attendees

A special thanks to those of you who attended our IT and healthcare staffing seminar in Newark, NJ on Fri. We appreciate your attendance and participation in a lively discussion about the Neufeld memo, EB2 programs, L-1b’s, RFE’s, retrogression, HR 3012, and a variety of compliance related topics. We look forward to seeing you again next year… Continue reading Thanks to attendees

Is STEM legislation finally moving forward ?

Earlier this week, Computerworld reported that there may be some forward movement in STEM legislation in the House. However, before we get too excited, recent history (HR 3012) tells us that a Smith-Lofgren STEM bill even if passed in the House unanimously with cake and baloons can’t get past the long-arm of Senator Grassley and actually become law without the addition… Continue reading Is STEM legislation finally moving forward ?

Grassley Amendment to HR 3012 a Blow to U.S. Employers

Earlier this week, Senator Grassley publicly announced that he had released his hold on HR 3012. If you recall, HR 3012 was a bill that had passed the House by a margin of 389-15 and essentially eliminated decades of national origin discrimination by eliminating the per country limits applied to the distribution of immigrant visas… Continue reading Grassley Amendment to HR 3012 a Blow to U.S. Employers

HR 3012 Lives ! Maybe ?

Several sources are reporting that Senators Grassley, Brown, and Schumer have reached a compromise that would eliminate the per country limitations for immigrant visas, create a special E3 visa for persons from Ireland, and require an annual DOL audit  of all employers with more than 100 employees and 15% H-1b holders. It would also eliminate the ability… Continue reading HR 3012 Lives ! Maybe ?

Good news for retrogression :) kinda :(

Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3012, the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act by an overwhelming vote of 389-15. This bill would change the way employment-based (EB) green cards are allocated by eliminating the per country quotas. If the bill becomes law, it will equalize the waiting times for employment based permanent… Continue reading Good news for retrogression 🙂 kinda 🙁