Advance Parole and Travel

Recently, the USCIS began to deny advance parole applications if the person traveled internationally while the AP application was pending. For many years, the USCIS had continued to adjudicate and approve AP’s if you traveled as long as you were on an H or L visa however, that policy has now changed (without any notice).… Continue reading Advance Parole and Travel

8th Circuit Weighs in on I-140 Revocations

On December 1, 2015, the 8th Circuit decided Rajasekaran v. Hazuda, 2015 BL 393183, 8th Cir., No. 14-3623, 12/1/15, and found that Courts can’t review USCIS failure to provide reasons for I-140 revocation, and an I-140 that wasn’t valid to begin with isn’t made valid by an immigrant changing jobs pursuant to the AC21 portability… Continue reading 8th Circuit Weighs in on I-140 Revocations

Mandamus Victory in I-485 case

And you think your I-485 case has pending too long (with a current priority date) ? Try fourteen (14) years ! In a recent court decision, a Federal judge in Virginia ruled that a mandamus action could proceed against the USCIS for its failure to adjudicate an I-485 application filed in 1999.  The Federal judge does… Continue reading Mandamus Victory in I-485 case

EB2 dates leap ahead like Superman !

In the January Visa Bulletin released by the DOS, EB2 numbers for India and China moved ahead over nine months making priority dates current for all of 2008 and before.  It is interesting to note the Bulletin’s comments on the relatively few new I-485’s that have been filed in recent months in spite of the rapid forward movement… Continue reading EB2 dates leap ahead like Superman !

Thanks USCIS ! Why didn’t we think of that ?

The USCIS has announced that it will now begin  issuing employment authorization documents and advance parole documents on a single card for certain I-485 applicants.  The card looks similar to the current employment authorization document (EAD) but includes a text that reads, “Serves as I-512 Advance Parole”.  Employers may accept the new card as a… Continue reading Thanks USCIS ! Why didn’t we think of that ?