Biometric Appointments Suspended

This week, the USCIS announced that it has suspended all biometric appointments for H-4 and L-2 extensions. This suspension will remain in effect until May 17,2023. It applies to filings made after May 17th and previous filings that have not yet been issued a biometrics notice. If you have received a biometrics notice, you must… Continue reading Biometric Appointments Suspended

End of Biometrics for Dependent Cases?

On May 4 (Happy Star Wars Day!) USCIS released a declaration that the Service is finalizing a policy that will temporarily suspend biometrics submission requirements for individuals filing Form I-539 (H4, L2, etc.). This policy is expected to begin May 17, 2021 and last for 2 years. This would only affect newly filed cases. If… Continue reading End of Biometrics for Dependent Cases?