Premium Processing Expands

As of January 30, 2023 I-140 EB1 petitions filed for multi-national execs and managers and I-140 EB2 petitions filed under he NIW category may be upgraded or initially filed requesting premium processing. The filing fee is $2500 and the timing for an adjudicatory action is 45 days. Further expansion to other types of applications is… Continue reading Premium Processing Expands

Premium Processing Fees Increase

As part of budget legislation passed by Congress on Oct 1st, the USCIS was authorized to increase the premium processing fee to $2500 and they have done so making it effective on all cases filed as of Oct 19th. The $2500 fee applies to all case types that are currently eligible for premium processing. No… Continue reading Premium Processing Fees Increase

USCIS Issues Reminder-New Forms and New Filing Fees

The USCIS issued a reminder about the required new forms and new filing fees in effect as of 10-2-2020. The USCIS also made note that premium processing requests are 15 business days not calendar days and that they reserve the right to adjust the premium processing fee amount due to inflation.

Premium Returns

The USCIS has announced that premium processing will return in phases throughout June. Below is a chart to help you see when your petition will be eligible: JUNE 1st: -All I-140’s can be premium processing JUNE 8th: -H-1b transfers filed before June 8th can be upgraded -H-1b extensions filed before June 8th can be upgraded… Continue reading Premium Returns

Premium processing returns for I-140’s

Today, the USCIS announced that on June 16, 2008, it will begin accepting Premium Processing Service requests for I-140’s  filed on behalf of certain H-1b workers who are nearing the end of their sixth year limit.  Although this particular program is rather limiting, it is welcome news and may signal the more widespread return of premium processing.… Continue reading Premium processing returns for I-140’s