Happy July Visa Bulletin (for some) !

The Department of State has released the July Visa Bulletin and if you are India EB2 or Philippines EB3, you should be ecstatic as the your priority dates jumped forward almost 4 years and 1 year, respectively. Unfortunately, no other category saw significant  movement and the EB3 all other country category saw no movement.

March Visa Bulletin Released

Recently, the DOS released the March Visa Bulletin and the forward movement was similar to recent months with world-wide EB3 moving ahead 6 weeks, India EB2 seeing no movement, and the Philippines EB3 category moving ahead only 1 week. The DOS also provided its predictions for future movement and reaffirmed that India EB2 would see… Continue reading March Visa Bulletin Released

DOS Releases January Visa Bulletin

The DOS has released the January Visa Bulletin and for persons in the EB3 category “all chargeability except” and for persons from PRC, the news was good as the priority dates jumped forward. For persons from India and the Phillipines, there remained little to no forward progress.  The lack of movement for the EB3 category… Continue reading DOS Releases January Visa Bulletin

DOS releases the November Visa Bulletin

The DOS has released the November Visa Bulletin and the lack of movement of priority dates continues to be discouraging for those waiting. Earlier this week, the DOS released the demand data it is using to set priority date movement and the picture is grim. Legislative intervention is needed to insure that U.S. employers do… Continue reading DOS releases the November Visa Bulletin

September Visa Bulletin Released

The DOS released the September Visa Bulletin and the EB2 categories for India and PRC showed no forward movement whereas the EB3 categories for all countries once again showed slow but, steady movement forward. It is not uncommon for the final Visa Bulletin of the fiscal year to show some slow-down or even retrogression so… Continue reading September Visa Bulletin Released

I-485 Inventory

The USCIS has released their I-485 Inventory Report of pending cases as of January 2011. The USCIS I-485 Inventory Report displays the total number of pending adjustment of status applications, per preference category, priority date and per country. The USCIS also issued separate charts for India, China, Mexico and the Philippines as those countries historically have higher demand… Continue reading I-485 Inventory