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Plea for Congress to act to help the EB2 India backlog

Recently, Erik Anderson, an immigration attorney and friend of our firm wrote a nice article calling for Congress to act to relieve the EB2 backlog for Indian nationals. Check out the full post here but, please return to our blog when you are finished reading.

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May Visa Bulletin released

The Department of State released the May visa bulletin and as promised, there was some forward movement in all categories including India EB2. Also included in the bulletin were predictions of future movement and an interesting (if you are an immigration attorney, an Indian national in the EB2 category or simply crazy about numbers) explanation on how the unused numbers from EB1 will trickle down to EB2, etc.

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Good news for Indian EB2 !

The Department of State has advised AILA that due to a lack of demand for the EB1 category, there will be a trickle down effect that will positively impact the Indian EB2 category and move dates forward. They estimate that an additonal 12,000 visas will be available to the Indian EB2 category. This is great news as this category has not moved since Sept of 2010 and the prior prediction from the DOS was that no movement should be expected in FY 2011.  We expect to see this forward movement as early as the May Visa bulletin which will be released in mid April. This good news should not derail efforts for long-term legislative relief and reasonable wait times for all employment based categories.