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New H-1b Lottery Rules !

Today, the USCIS published a new rule in the Federal Register changing the way that H-1b petitions are chosen in the lottery. The lottery has always been a random selection process however, this new regulation would change the process to a wage based system in which persons being paid at wage level 4 would have a higher chance of selection then someone paid at a level 1 or level 2 wage level. It is believed that the new regulation would all but, eliminate any chance at a person being selected if they are offered a level 1 wage. Level 1 wages are typically offered to new grads (hence the designation Level 1) The new regulation makes it easier for employers based overseas to obtain visas for their key employees while making it harder for international graduates from U.S. schools to obtain a visa. Large outsourcing employers are cheering this change as they will be able to easily take advantage of the new rule whereas smaller employers and those who hire new grads, often in the healthcare industry, are decrying this policy change. Whether or not this policy survives a legal challenge or changes by the Biden Administration remains to be seen.